love thy terminal

Do you feel like the terminal is HAL 9000, but there is no way to communicate? Have you got the notion that there must be more to Git than what you are using it for now? Would you like to become proficient in command-line automation?

If so, I can help. Let's talk.

optimise your spare cycles

Are you up for a cycling challenge, or do you just want a change of scenery? Let me guide the way — literally. I can prepare an entire cycling holiday for you, from start to finish. Perfect routes, exquisite food, top-end bikes, stunning photographs, great hotels, and good company. The only thing beyond my control is the weather. ☺

Looks like your bidon of tea? Ring my bell.

Jan Moesen: jan (spamsucks) / +32 479 611 603
Tervelo bvba: Voorhavenlaan 50, 9000 Gent / BE 0847.262.732, RPR Gent
Note: do not use “jan@” for unsollicited commercial e-mail. Use “info@”, as per Belgian law. Do not use my telephone number for unsollicited commercial calls (“cold calling”).